My EDC “pocket dump” for 2020

It’s been a long time since I did an every day carry (EDC) dump post. For 2020, I switched up some items in my EDC.

My bigger blade CRKT Crawford, which isn’t really good for the every day pocket carry, is now my backup knife at home and has been replaced by Benchmade 535, which is so awesome, since it rocks a s30v blade and weighs less then 2oz.

Suunto Core Military has been replaced by Citizen Satellite Wave. It’s solar, and looks better in an office environment. I still use the Suunto for outdoor activities though.

The gun is still Glock 23. Solid and dependable.

Phones are iPhone 8+ and Samsung Galaxy 9.

Notebook is a leather cover, field notes sized item from Amazon and a pen is a Fisher Space Pen, which was a present from Katya.

I still rock my Army ring every day. It’s made out of polysil and keeps looking good.

My wallet is my work issued wallet with credentials. It’s a bit big, so sometimes I have it in my work bag and have a smaller wallet/money clip for the pocket.

Overall I’m happy with my current setup. I do have a few other items that I rotate in and out here and there, but this setup is what I carry every day.

Let’s see your EDC setups!