Experimenting in the studio. Katya - portrait #2

Second studio tests with Katya. This is a 4 light setup: key, fill, hair, and background. I shot this image on Nikon D4 and processed it via Lightroom.

Key, fill, and hair light are all speedlite strobes, 2 from Nikon, 1 from Godox. Key and fill are on Godox matteboxes. Hair light is on a built-in diffuser. Background light is a continuous LED, not modified.

In Lightroom, standard processing was applied such as exposure, vignette, eyes mask, skin smoothing brush, and slight crop.

I like the light setup, but may increase light fall on Katya’s left shoulder (right shoulder in the photo). Maybe I need to put an umbrella on this light as well...

Overall, I am pleased with the result. Will continue experimenting and fine-tuning.